Wyndancer Gordon Setters


I believe that the focus of the Gordon Setter breeder is to ensure that they improve the breed as a bird dog. Nothing less will do. Every litter should be planned with the expressed purpose of that goal. Some breeders talk about "type" as the defining quality of the breed, for them it's what makes the breed a Gordon. Yet "type" without the skill set of a pointing dog, a Gordon Setter is just a Black & Tan dog. What is more important? That the dog looks like a Gordon Setter, but can't fulfill his birthright? Or the dog that resembles a Gordon Setter, and has the skill set of a Gordon Setter? He is a noble breed, with a birthright as a bird dog, breed for that birthright. That is his heritage don't deny him it.

I don't strive to breed the "dual purpose" dog, I strive to breed the healthy, sound moving, good looking bird dog. If the dog that I produce can be successful in the conformation ring, that's fine, but it's not the priority here at Wyndancer. Far too many breeders have decided to take the "type" road and "type" doesn't put birds in the bag.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Gordon Setter, then imagine yourself standing on a hillside with the Duke of Gordon. Picture dogs fanned out across the field and ask yourself, "Is this what the Duke would have wanted?" Then imagine yourself standing ringside at a conformation show and ask yourself the same question. If you're bird hunter, you KNOW the answer.

I promote and support purebred Gordon Setters through hunt tests and field trials and wild bird hunting. I am one of the few breeders to make breeding selections based on my hunting experiences. My goal is to produce attractive dogs that have sound temperaments and outstanding qualities as bird dogs.

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