DC/AFC Chaparral XLO Rater XL Lent MH

Rater completed his Master Hunter title (MH) on October 5th, 1996, we believe him to be the breed's youngest Master Hunter. It was often said, if you ever wanted to see strange things happen during a test, come watch Rater.

1999 was quite a year for Rater, March witnessed his Amateur Field Championship (AFC). April, at the Gordon Setter National field Trial, he won the Open Gun Dog Retrieve to finish his Field Championship (FC). September Rater finished his AKC Breed Championship to become the 37th Dual Champion. And then he was named GSCA's Gun Dog Retrieve of the Year for 1999.

Seeing that the AKC Hunt Test program is relatively new, (circa 1986) he has a combination of titles that is seldom seen in the Gordon setter breed. Rater spent some time at Basham's Kennels for field trial training. All of Rater's field points and hunt test legs were owner handled. Without the help of Jim Basham, Rater's FC and AFC would not have been possible. Rater went about being a Field Champion and Amateur Champion the hard way, as he was a Master Hunter first.

He's a wonderful boy, done more than we ever imagined, taken us places and introduced us to many new friends along the way. We've been fortunate to have him bred to some nice bitches and he's given the breed some nice puppies too. So yes, we are pleased that he is the Foundation sire here at Wyndancer Gordon Setters.

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