DC/AFC Rice Creek B'Zuka WyndDancer

B'Zuka Joe had a hard youth, seeing we darn near lost him to parvo on Christmas 1996. But he recovered with no lasting effects. We hunted him in his youth, before he went with Jim Basham to steady. The spring of 2002 was a banner time frame with Zuke in top form. The season kicked off in Georgia on Feb. 16-17 with a 3rd place in OGD. Then it was off to the Tri-Setter Classic on March 9-10, a 45 minute stake. He placed behind Gordon Setter NFC/FC/AFC Gunsmoke Rising and NAFC/FC Irish Setter Brophy's Sandhill Spirit. At the Nodrog Gordon Setter Club trial on March 16-17, Jim handles Zuke to a 3rd in a very tough Open Gun Dog stake. Then on Sunday, Becky handles in the Amateur Gun Dog and wins a 4 point stake to finish him as a DC!!

From there it was off to the Irish Setter Club of Ohio, Zuke wins a 2 point OGD stake. We traveled to Ohio for the Miami Valley Gordon Setter Club trial at Killdeer Plains, April 6-7. Zuke was entered in 3 Gun Dog Stakes, Open Ltd, Am. Gun and Am. Ltd. Becky handles him in the ALGD for a 3 point win and a placement in the AGD stake. We brought him home from that trial and entered him in the Minnesota Brittany trial, April 27-28. Once again Zuke takes the blue for 2 points. Well, that leaves Zuke 1 point short of the AFC title, so Becky takes him to Michigan for the Irish Setter club trial, May 4-5. He wins the ALGD to finish the AFC. All of Zuke's Amateur points were handled by Becky, and all but 2 of his field points were from all pointing breed trials. That's a testament to Becky's skill as a handler and the abilities of Zuke.

Zuke finished his AKC Championship at just over 2 years old and was Winners dog at the North Country January Speciality in '98. He has a brother and sister that are specialty winners as well, Ch. Rice Creek Basicly Chaparral CD JH and Ch. Rice Creeks Cumulo Nimbus SH.

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