Various Gordon Setter Standards

Throughout the years the Gordon Setter breed standard has evolved, by some accounts for the better, by other accounts, for the worse. With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you should be able to review the various standards and form your own opinion.

Starting with the first Gordon Setter Club of America, established in 1891. Then we'll travel to the Gordon Setter Club of America as we know it today, and to what some refer to as the 1939 GSCA Standard, and others refer to as the 1924 GSCA Standard. The next stop is the 1962 GSCA Standard. This GSCA Standard is significantly different from the previous versions, and is where the "field people" believe the breed went wayward. The next revisions are the 1990 GSCA Standard, and the the current GSCA Standard adopted November 27, 2002.

Of course the Gordon Setter Club of America isn't the only organization to have a conformation standard for the breed, FCI has one and the United Kingdom has one as well.

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