Wyndancer Diamond InThe Ruff

Wyndancer Diamond in the Ruff “Jamma”

 Wyndancer Patriot x FC Wyndancer Tenasscity

DOB 4.29.2009

 Jamma is a full littermate to Wyndancer Thunder (resides in Norway) and Wyndancer Unbridled Passion “Peanut”.  Jamma is similar in appearance to his father Brady and his grandfather Zuke. One of the reasons we chose to keep him. This is what we like to see in breeding programs, consistency.  Not only did this combination of genes pass on the physical strengths, but most importantly the performance attributes. In plain English, they passed on their great hunting abilities and strong desire to retrieve and classic good looks.

 He too has a strong” passion” for birds, much like his mother and his grandfather Zuke. His father, Brady reminds me of his father, FC/AFC Locust Hill Chocolate Chip. Chip was s dog that I fell in love with and if he were owned by me, I feel could have been a Dual Champion. A very great and beautiful dog! Chip was incredible to watch perform at the field trials and such a superb temperament! Chip had such great interaction with his owner. There was a unique bond between them. Something that I think is very important to have with your dog.

Brady’s owner takes him hunting every fall and has thoroughly enjoyed hunting with him.  “A bird finding machine”.  Brady is also an exceptional companion for his “Three little charges”. Yes, he is owned by triplets and there is never a fear of him harming those kids, even if they are all over him! He truly loves “his kids”!

 Jamma has a strong and a very beautiful gait and watching him run, you see that it is effortless and powerful. What we like to call easy on the eyes! He has a long nose and soft mouth much like his family. Great work ethic and wants to be my hunting partner. This is something we really expect of all of our dogs to do. They can be very long/open ranged or short in range, but will always be hunting with us and never for themselves. Like his family tree, he too adapts his hunting style/range to the cover.

 One of his strengths is his style and intensity on point. Nothing like watching a dog on a “bird high”! As you watch him on  the move he can make you forget that you are hunting. That’s what we like to see! He is very stylish and a forward moving dog. He also has a long nose. What we mean by this is that he can scent his birds from a distance and is not “on top of them”. He is a dog that is not afraid to go deep into cover and not much will slow him down. Both he and his sister are hunted over wild birds. Jamma carries all the qualities of a great bird dog.

 His sibling Thunder, who lives in Norway, has been making a huge impression on the Scandinavian Trialing scene and his owners are very pleased with his accomplishments. He has OFA’d Excellent and has sired a couple of litters now and the resulting puppies are doing very well. He has excellent owners in Espen & Marthe Farkvam. He even has a new boss “Emil”, Espen and Marthe first son!

 Jamma is about 23-24” tall and weighs about 50-55 #’s.  He carries a moderate coat. He has a classic head with expressive dark eyes. His personality is very much like Zuke. He is basically a mirrored image of his grandfather. Again, we like to see consistency in a breeding program. Consistency in performance and appearance!  Jamma is OFA good.

 He is showing us some exceptional qualities and we are looking forward to his future here with us.  He is available for stud to approved bitches. If you are interested in learning more about him as a stud, please contact us.



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