The Foundation of the Family, Rater

DC/AFC Chaparral XLO Rater XL Lent MH

When the priorities of a stud dog are ranked, his ability as a wild bird dog should be very high, if not the highest, on the list. Breeders that don't make a conscious effort to seek and use those dogs have priorities other than bird dogs. In other words, if you don't select for it, you are selecting against it.

We offer Rater, his son Zuke and Hammer to approved females via frozen semen.

Rater is available only through frozen semen. Rater has several traits that we feel he passes on to his get, well made heads, desire for game, willingness to carry things and a easy going attitude. He also throws a fair number of dogs that display natural backing tendencies. The size of the offspring seems to be dependent upon the female, meaning if he is bred to a larger bitch, larger dogs than he are produced. In researching Rater's pedigree you will find dogs of substance.

If you are interested in the producers of Dual Champion Gordon Setters, you will notice that Rater is just one of a strong line of dogs that produce. He is the sire of DC/AFC B'Zuka WyndDancer, DC Tarbaby's Sentanta T Rex, FC Taimen Talo Thunderbolt which are out of three females of unrelated ancestry.

Zuke, available only through frozen semen, hasn't seen the use that his father has, yet we feel his puppies are superior in many ways. Zuke has less drop to his croup than Rater and that is passed on. Also Zuke has more of an up personality than Rater, he is a dog that demands attention. Again, Zuke appears to have the ability to put a headpiece on a litter. We have very limited amount of frozen semen on Zuke.

Hammer left us at a young age, but is available through frozen semen. We bred him to Gracie which produced some very fine dogs. We kept a male from that breeding, and his name is Sledge. Hammer....Sledge....get it?

We were given Buck as a puppy to "grow out" by Trena Cardwell, and he's a keeper. He was born in May of 2006. He's exceptionally tough around game and has a forward All-Age race.

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