Wynd Dancer Livin On Da Edge

Wyndancer Living on Da Edge “Sledge” 

Wyndancer Hammer Tyme x Wyndancer She’s All That 

DOB 1.16.2007

Sledge is in appearance much like his father, who looked like his father, who looked like his father Shadowoods the Dance…. aka Garth. This is what we like to see in breeding programs, consistency. That is one of the reasons why we chose to breed into the line. Not only did this line pass on the physical strengths, but most importantly the performance attributes. In plain English, his great hunting abilities and strong desire to retrieve. 

We place a strong emphasis on hunting and Sledge brings all of this forward. He has been hunted on wild bird’s right from the start. His first experience was with pheasants and sharptails in the Dakota’s. I had a blast watching him as a youngster learning to work the wild birds and understand his heritage. There is nothing better than watching a young dog develop from raw talent. In our opinion, he has all the makings of a great bird dog! 

Over the next few seasons we have spent lots of time training (hunting) on wild birds and he has learned to hold point through flush pretty much on his own. I like to train off those natural talents and bring out the best in each individual dog. Sledge was most content hunting wild birds. I could compete with him, but I felt that his best interest would be my personal hunting dog. 

He has a long nose and soft mouth much like his father. Great work ethic and wants to be my hunting partner. This is something we really expect of all of our dogs to do. They can be very long/open ranged or short in range, but will always be hunting with us and never for themselves. Sledge is a dog that dives into heavy cover, there is not much that will stop him from hunting for birds. One of his strengths is his intensity on point. Nothing like watching a dog on a “bird high”! You know when he has a bird. That’s what we like to see! Like his grandfather, Rater, he too adapts his hunting style/range to the cover. 

He is about 25” tall and weighs around 55#’s. He carries a very short coat. One of the traits that I really like is a “kind eye” and this wonderful boy has that. What I mean by kind eye is that he has gentleness about him. Sledge has what I call a “classic head”. What I mean by this is, from the side I want to see that there is a stop or what I call an “L”. I want to see where the nose ends and the head begins. I personally like the 1939 standard for the Gordon Setter, which is what we strive to breed towards. He has good hips and his father OFA’d Excellent and his mother OFA’s good. He comes from a long line of sound hips. 

He is available for stud to approved bitches. If you are interested in learning more about him as a stud, please contact us.

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