Wyndancer She's All That

Gracie is the most experienced wild bird dog we have at the house at this point in time. We call her the "go to dog." Our North Dakota trip's are aways real joy for her, and us to watch. Always busy and looking for game. Some broke finds and some stop to flushes were normal in the course of the hunt. She taken to retrieving quite nicely, we think she feels it's payback time for those wiley roosters!

Gracie's sire is our own Rater. Dano & Marianne Morf own Gracie's mother Haley. She is a personal hunting dog for them. Haley is the mother to the Prairie Star dogs, NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Prairie Star High Noon, (aka Cooper), FC Prairie Star First Edition, (aka Marge), and NAFC/FC/AFC Timberfin Blazing Teal, (aka Teal).

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