FC Wynd Dancer Tenasscity

Here's an update on Pudge.

She was named Gordon Setter Club of America's Gun Dog of The Year for 2007, and North Country Gordon Setter Club Field Trial Dog of The Year for 2006.

In the fall of 2006 she won a nice OGD stake in California for a 4 point major. Then later in October she was entered in the GSCA National Championship held in Solon Springs Wisconsin. Her brace was pretty nice, a bit immature, but she was awarded a JAM. (Judges Award of Merit). Pretty nice and we were very pleased.

The spring of 2007 had her consistently placing in the California and Pacific Northwest, but for some reason or another, the wins were eluding her.

Roll the tape forward to the fall of 2007.

We traveled to Danville Virginia for the 2007 GSCA National Championships & Field Trial. Again she was handled by Trena Cardwell. We liked her well enough last year, and we REALLY liked her this year. She was awarded 3rd place in the Open Championship in a field of 38 dogs.

Although our plans were to bring her home and have her bred, Trena thought a trial in California may be pretty good for Pudgey. Fast forward two weeks to the Irish FT.

Well we get the much sought after Sunday night phone call, November 18th. Seems that Pudgey had won the 23 dog Open Gun Dog stake and the 10 dog Open Limited Gun Dog stake. What's all this mean? It means Pudgey is now Field Champion Wyndancer Tenasscity.

At the 2008 GSCA National Championships & Field Trial, held at Sulpher Creek Ranch near Sunnyside Washington, she was awarded 3rd place in the National Amatuer Championship.

The 2009 GSCA National Championships & Field Trial was held at the Branched Oak Recreation Area near Raymond Nebraska. Pudgey had a very nice run with 7 finds, one of which was a huge covey. Never scouted, always found to the front and going away after the hour. She was awarded 4th place, the only female to place.

You can click this link to see a listing of her placements.

Hey, everybody has a goal and this is our goal for Pudge. We are pretty excited about the future of this dog. Lot's of things have to go right, and with some luck, win the National Championship, but we feel she has all the tools.

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